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  • By Don J. Fessenden

    As an educator and professional student, I have spent many hours listening to professors and presenters make statements about education reform and teaching strategies followed by the words, research based.  What does research based really mean?  


    During the early years, I remember being told to always cite for creditability.  What has happened to citing?  It seems to have been replaced with the words “Research Based.”  While those utilizing these two words may believe it’s the same as citing, it’s not!  How can a presenter gain creditability by saying “Research Based” the answer is they can’t gain creditability with just two words. 


    Let’s return to the good old days when presenters would cite during a presentation, while this will require real research, not just using the words “Research Based” as a crutch for inadequate lesson or presentation preparation.  Your audience deserves more…more professionalism and research when preparing for your presentation, only then will you gain creditability.  


    As you move forward in your professional careers as educators, please resist the urge to use “Research Based,” your audience would rather here where you got your information as well as who is behind that research.  Remember, there is no such thing as “Instant Creditability.” 


    In this BLOG, we promise to do thorough research and cite our research, because we want to be thought of as a creditable BLOG and our visitors deserves nothing less.  As always, if you agree or disagree with our perspective let us know by joining the conversation and leave us your comments.  


    *Next upWhy does the achievement gap continue to grow?


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