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  • By Don J. Fessenden

    Our primary mission will be to create a dialog as well as share your views and opinions with state and federal educational leaders.  The story goes … a boy was walking on a beach and saw thousands of starfish … you know how it ends.  We believe real change will take time and effort but it's worth the effort!  This is a call to arms ... we need your help!  All you need to do is contribute to our BLOG discussions and share your ideas, together we can ignite meaningful educational reform.  TeachersMeet will champion the ideas of inclusion, accountability, and personal responsibility as we move to close the achievement gap.  It’s time educator’s lead educational reform, not just follow it.                

    Our big idea ... to provide a professional platform where educators can:

    Networking (professional)

    * Find a mentor

    * Become a mentor

    * Connect with other members in member created groups

    * Post and discuss trending topics

    * Upload functional resume to be viewed by our HR and Administrative members for possible employment

    * Share opinions (BLOG)

    * Provide an educators perspective to issues facing the educational system

    * Reform education in the United States through unity (become the largest educator platform ensuring our voice is heard)

    We will utilize our BLOG and monthly newsletter to share and introduce hot educational topics.  Share educational resources that have been found by our staff or have been provided by our members.  Lastly, we will be reaching out to district human resource directors to post "Hot Jobs" on our JOBS page.      


    In our BLOG, we will spend time looking at current educational reform and provide commentary as well as alternative solutions.  We will also rely on our membership’s comments to give validity to our positions or to provide their own perspectives.        

    Upcoming BLOG topics:

    * Researched based ... instant creditability!  

    * Why is the achievement gap continuing to grow?

    * Should teacher performance evaluations be tied to student performance and achievement?

    * Individual Educational Plans (IEP)...for all students

    * SAT's for everyone!

    * Motivation is key to student engagement

    * Parents the ultimate role models

    * Is lesson prep, really worth the time

    * Why linking teacher performance to student achievement won’t close the achievement gap

    * And much more...

    Thanks for taking the time to visit, and please be sure to share your opinions! 


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  • By Don J. Fessenden 

    Life was not always easy growing up in a single parent home, with a mother who worked as a waitress and spent more time at the dinner than at home.  She did her best to support and raise her two boys.  Don never knew his father.  He also called one of the state run boy’s home his home for over a year.  While living on the wrong side of the tracks, trouble seemed to find him and if not for sports he probably would have found more trouble. 


    A love of sports and competition was the most the only reason he attend high school.  Looking back it’s a miracle that he finished school.  He believed that high school was a waste of time and a rite of passage a person went through before doing something that you aspired to do.  Immediately following high school Don enlisted in the United States Air Force with stints in Pararescue, Aerospace Medicine, Public Health, and concluding his military career at the College of Professional Military Education.  During his first assignment as a medical technician he was selected as a clinical instructor, this position set into motion his love of teaching. 


    After more than fifteen years spent in various medical supervisory positions Don joined the staff at the College of Professional Military Education at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey, where he taught leadership and communication to mid-level United States Air Force managers.  In his role as the Communication Department Chair, he oversaw the largest curriculum re-writing in the school’s history.  After retiring in the summer of 2005 from the United States Air Force, he joined the staff at Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School in Scotch Plains, NJ.    


    Today, Don lives in Fairfield, Connecticut and works for the Norwalk Public Schools as a high school Aerospace Science teacher.  An entrepreneur at heart and frustrated public school teacher he was motivated to do something, so he founded  A platform designed to bring educators together to close the achievement gap through mentorship and advocacy.               


    Favorite quotes:

    “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

    “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein

    “Make each and every day your Masterpiece.” John Wooden 

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